Ray Beckwith, Australian Wine Scientist Pioneer, Dies at 100 (by Tyson Stelzer)

Posted: November 28, 2012 by Johan Botha in Australia, Celebrities, Oenology, Vinification, Wine, Winemaking, World wine news
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Australian oenology pioneer, Ray Beckwith.

Australian oenology pioneer, Ray Beckwith.


Working for Penfolds, Beckwith discovered how winemakers could prevent spoiled wine


Ray Beckwith, considered one of the founding fathers of Australian winemaking, passed away Nov. 7, in his longtime home region, the Barossa Valley. He was 100.

Beckwith will be remembered for his 1930s research on stabilizing wine and protecting it from spoilage, work that laid the foundations for Australia’s modern wine industry. His work at Penfolds from 1935 to 1973 revolutionized winemaking practice and was instrumental in the development of Penfolds’ leading red wines—Grange, Bin 389 and St Henri.

Winemaker and author Ian Hickinbotham, who made the first wines at Wynns Coonawarra estate during the same era, told Wine Spectator, “Let’s be blunt—there would have been no Grange without Beckwith’s brilliance. Possibly, Beckwith contributed more to Australian enology than any other.”

In 1936, Beckwith made the groundbreaking discovery that… read on

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