Male and Female Wine Drinkers — Are They Really That Different? (by Dr. Liz Thach, MW)

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“Women prefer white wine. Men only drink red. Women like sweet wine. Men purchase less wine.”


The Female versus the Male Wine drinker.

The Female versus the Male Wine drinker.


These are just a few of the common myths that arise around wine and gender, but are they really true? One statistic on which we can rely is that the make-up of US wine consumers is approximately 55% female and 45% male, according to Nielson, but there has been an increase of men adopting wine in the past decade.


So what is really happening around the topic of wine and gender in the US? In order to answer this question, a research study was developed to explore differences in wine drinking occasion and motivation between men and women. The study included in-depth interviews with 30 men and women who drink wine as well as an online survey with 305 wine consumers (155 men and 150 women) residing in California. The results show strong similarities between men and women in many categories, but also some surprising differences.

Similarities Between Male and Female Wine Consumers

In terms of preferred wine varietals, the study shows that cabernet sauvignon and merlot are the top favorites of both men and women; however, women also identify white zinfandel as a strong preference. The favored white for both genders is chardonnay (see Table 1). These data are consistent with previous research showing that American men and women both prefer red wine slightly more than white.


Table 1: Preferred Wine Varietals of California Men and Women.

Table 1: Preferred Wine Varietals of California Men and Women.


In terms of occasions to drink wine, the survey analyzed responses of men and women in 22 different wine drinking occasions. Of these, both genders reported they drink wine at similar frequency in 16 of these occasions. The top four highest scoring occasions on which men and women agreed are:


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