China’s “Wine & Cheese Boom” Gains Strength (By Nora Chen)

Posted: December 1, 2012 by wynmaker in Wine, World wine news
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The Chinese cheese and wine boom.

The Chinese cheese and wine boom.


Optimistic Cheese Producers See China As Golden Opportunity


Following the broader trends in luxury retail, the Chinese palate has increasingly become open to more Western flavors including French wine and spirits, and more recently, imported cheeses. After all, what pairs better with fragrant French wine than a wedge of pungent imported cheese? Not too long ago, such a pairing would have been unfamiliar to all but the wealthiest or most well-traveled Beijing or Shanghai resident. However, as imported wine demand in China has continued to rise — the country imported 200 million liters of wine in the first six months of 2012 – and the foreign cheese market grows more optimistic with every bite, the two industries may be facing two very different futures.

As China Daily reported this week, a growing appetite for… read on


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