French beer tax resurrects the old wine vs. beer cultural rift (by Steve Heimoff)

Posted: December 4, 2012 by wynmaker in Beer, Beer News, Europe, France, Wine, World wine news
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The big divide!

The big divide!


Quite a brouhaha they’re having over in France, where the government plans to tax beer, but not wine.

This, despite the fact that the French barely drink beer at all; France has Europe’s next to last lowest beer consumption rate. (Maybe that’s why the government is targeting foam heads. There’s not enough of them to organize a proper riot.) The extra funding the proposed tax will bring in is to go to the country’s social security system.

There may not be many beer drinkers in France, but such as they are, they’re an ornery lot, annoyed they’re being asked to dig deeper while snootier wine drinkers aren’t. “I am shocked that beer is the only target,” said a café owner, quoted in the New York Times, which added, “Complaints about the tax increase are coming not just from customers, but from brewers, the food industry generally and politicians, who know that some voters, at least, like French ales.”

The controversy also has stirred up an old dualism: … read on

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