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Posted: December 6, 2012 by wynmaker in Europe, Wine, Wineries, World wine news
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Bristol’s Accolade Park bottling plant hit is hitting record highs, recently dispatching 1.2 million cases in a single week – and it has the potential to grow significantly bigger.


Accolade Park, Bristol

Accolade Park, Bristol


As evidence that there is increasing interest in shipping wine in bulk and bottling as close to the source of demand as possible, Bristol’s Accolade Park bottling plant hit a new high in November with the dispatch of 1.2 million cases in a single week.

The state-of-the-art facility, owned by Accolade Wines (formerly Constellation), was operating Monday to Sunday to meet orders ahead of Christmas and had beaten 2010’s busiest week by 30,000 cases.

It had also broken a record in terms of production at the plant by transferring as much as 20.7m litres of wine into bottles and bag-in-box in one month, during October.

Operators at the site were set for similarly large levels of demand until mid-December as shoppers choose to make their Christmas purchases later than ever before.

Richard Lloyd, general manager at the facility, explained, when db toured the site in late November 2011: “We always run five days a week but we slowly build up towards Christmas from August, moving firstly to six days a week and then a full seven by September, before dropping down to four days in the second week of December.

“However, what we’ve noticed is that Halloween has become bigger for us and Christmas orders are coming a bit later, probably because Halloween is bigger.”

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