Countdown for Icewine starts in Wine Country Ontario (by Wine Country Ontario)

Posted: December 6, 2012 by Johan Botha in Cellars, Oenology, Vinification, Vintage, Wine, Winemaking, Wineries, World wine news
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Ontario winemakers have started to wait patiently for temperatures to reach a minimum of minus 8˚ Celsius; just right for the winter harvest of one of Canada’s most cherished products, Ontario Icewine. While the harvest date of Icewine changes every year, the time for its biggest celebration is always the same. Wine Country Ontario is home to Niagara’s annual Icewine Festival and every January, the region turns into a wintry wonderland of Icewine sensations and unforgettable Icewine-inspired experiences.
Unique in the wine world, the Icewine Festival is a time when consumers have the best opportunity to discover and enjoy the delicious and luscious sensations of Icewine.

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