A Cool Solution For Boxed Wine (by wine-searcher.com)

Posted: December 10, 2012 by wynmaker in Alcohol, Cellars, Research, Wineries, World wine news
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Bag-in-a-box wines may not be the epitome of chic, but a new study finds that keeping them cool may hold the answer to their drinkability.


Scandinavians love pickled herrings, woolen sweaters and bag-in-a-box wines. The rest of the world isn’t quite so sure. Pickled herrings are certainly an acquired taste, woolen jumpers are sartorially suspect (apart from the ones worn by Sarah Lund in “The Killing”), and boxed wines suffer from an image of quantity over quality.

But the fact is that bag-in-a-box wines have plenty of advantages over glass: they are environmentally friendly, they are easy to transport, they don’t break, and they remain fresh for a long time once opened.

Unfortunately, long-held perceptions are difficult to overcome. The low quality of the wines inside the bags hasn’t helped to win consumers over. Scandinavia is an exception to the rule – you can buy Chablis and Sancerre in a box, and this form of packaging represents more than 50 percent of all wine sold in Norway and Sweden.

Elsewhere, the quality of bag-in-a-box wine could be higher if only producers – and consumers – would break with tradition and… read on

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