Selling Wine to Millennials, AKA Generation Y (by

Posted: December 10, 2012 by wynmaker in Alcohol, Research, Wine, World wine news
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The Millennial Generation.


How can wine producers get into the hearts – and pockets – of under-35s, the biggest demographic in history?


They drink wine more often, experiment with different brands, eat at upscale restaurants, and are attracted by ‘”fun” and “contemporary” wine labels. They’re the consumer group known as The Millennials (or Generation Y), and they’re on every marketer’s hit list.

America’s Wine Market Council is so keen to fathom the drinking habits of this demographic that in its latest report on wine consumption, it divided them into two groups: younger (22 to 25) and older (26 to 34). Its research shows that 65 percent of the older group drink wine every day or several times a week, and consume more glasses at each sitting – up to 2.92 – than other age groups.

How, then, should wine producers respond – bearing in mind that in the United States alone, this target demographic comprises between 75 million and 100 million consumers, depending on how it’s defined. In other words, they are the biggest consumer group in history.

L.A.-based Mutineer magazine, whose mission is “to share the modern fine beverage experience with the millennial generation,” runs Millennial Wine Circus workshops specifically to help producers target this huge group. For president Alan Kropf, there’s no doubting that this market segment is different from others.
“The size of the Millennial demographic distinguishes it, as does the existence of digital media in the mainstream,” he says. “Digital media has not only influenced the way Millennials receive information, it has revolutionized the way the wine industry communicates in general. Millennials are a revolutionary demographic for wine, and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.”

Australian-based global giant Treasury Wine Estates has decided that the future lies in establishing a male/female divide. Two years ago, it launched Sledgehammer wine (slogan: No Sipping. No Swirling.), complete with a website that asserts: “We make wine because we like drinking wine. Not because we want to talk about it. If you want a wine to swirl and sip while you analyze it, best move on and pick one with a foreign name and a picture of a chateau on the label.”

There are two wines in the range: a Sledgehammer Zinfandel (described as “bold and complex”), and a Sledgehammer Cabernet (“so big and rich we had a hard time fitting it in the bottle”). If a consumer needs a primer on how the wines are made (no swirling, mind), the website contains a guide – so “you can drink them like the man you are.”
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