Science Reveals Palate Cleansing Secrets (by

Posted: December 12, 2012 by wynmaker in Oenology, Research, Wine, World wine news
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Research findings provide a good reason to drink red wine regularly throughout a meal.

There’s nothing like a glass of Beaujolais to cleanse your palate, or a big steak to mellow the tannins in nebbiolo. But until now, researchers had failed to discover the scientific reasons behind drinking pinot with duck or cabernetwith roast lamb.

Dumbfounded by this lack of understanding, a group of scientists from France, Japan and the United States collaborated on a project to understand why and how high-tannin wines and tea interact with fatty foods to refresh your palate.

It was understood that the introduction of lubricants into the mouth, such as fatty foods, helps to reduce strong astringent sensations. However, most teas and wines, the researchers argue, are only mildly astringent. Thus, there was no explanation for how these drinks could counteract the fat in your meal.

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