The Science of Smell (by

Posted: December 12, 2012 by wynmaker in Research, Tasting, Uncategorized, Wine, World wine news
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The ability to be a gifted “nose” is not a preordained gift.




One goes on your neck and the other goes down your neck. They both have histories dating back to ancient times and their aromatics come from natural products. But do perfume producers and winemakers have much in common?

Both need to have a good nose for identifying individual flavors and creating a balanced product, but the two camps see themselves as worlds apart.

Perfume producers work on “stable” material, while winemakers have to rely on nature and the weather to grow the perfect grapes. “Everything is determined by natural phenomena, climatic conditions, which perfumers are not, or rarely, subjected to,” says Frédéric Brichet, a wine producer in Vienna who has a doctorate in enology.
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