Is the World’s Drink Window Up? (by

Posted: December 22, 2012 by wynmaker in Alcohol, Beer, Beer News, Origin, Wine, World wine news
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The Apocalypse for Wine?


Unfiltered’s guide to what to eat, what to drink, and where to stay if the Mayan calendar apocalypse comes to pass. Plus, the Brunello vandal is behind bars

Tomorrow is Dec. 21, 2012, the last date of the Mayan Long Count calendar and the end of the world as we know it (or so some would have you believe—as devoted as Unfiltered is to you, dear reader, it’s unlikely we’d be spending our last moments on Earth writing this if we believed that to be true … then again, Bordeaux’s Château d’Yquem has decided not to even bother making a 2012 Sauternes). While there are those around the globe who are legitimately prepping for end times, there are probably even more who are looking to make a few bucks off the impending apocalypse, and what better ways to do that than with wine, food or renting out a cot in your wine cave to ride out the Rapture. We have a wine-pairing menu for whatever vermin might be at hand whilst society crumbles—rats, crickets, spiders, etc.—and if you find yourself barricaded inside your wine cellar tomorrow as the world burns, please feel free to disregard all Wine Spectator recommended drink windows. After all, if beer can survive the nuclear holocaust, surely your wine will be just fine.
When the aliens arrive, do NOT offer them calamari with the Cuvée Bugarach.
• A small village in the French Pyrenees has been overrun by endtimers and endtimer gawkers this month. Bugarach, population 176, has been called the Doomsday Destination and the Village at the End of the World thanks to some cultists’ belief that it is the only place on earth where it will be possible to survive the coming apocalypse.

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