The 10 Worst Industries for 2013 (by Rick Newman)

Posted: December 26, 2012 by wynmaker in Alcohol, Ale, Beer, Beer News, Wine, World wine news
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If you work in real estate, social media or other technology fields, you could have a banner year in 2013. Those industries are primed for growth as an economic recovery kicks in and innovative new companies continue to change the way people live, work and communicate.
But many Americans work on the darker side of the economy, in fading industries whose best days are probably in the past. New technology is making some businesses less and less relevant, while others struggle to find customers in a global economy that’s still weak, or face severe pressure to cut costs. To identify the most vulnerable industries, I asked industry-research firm IBISWorld to rank more than 1,000 industries according to the percentage of jobs they’re likely to gain or lose over the next 12 months. Here are the industries expected to shrink the most in 2013:

Photofinishing (a projected 15 percent decline in jobs). You don’t need an Instagram account to know that most people archive their photos online these days instead of gathering them in old-fashioned photo albums. And people who print photos tend to use online services or do it themselves at home. Those trends are airbrushing traditional retail photo outlets out of the economy.

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