Top Wine Videos of 2012 (by

Posted: January 4, 2013 by Johan Botha in Social Media, Vintage, Wine, Winemaking, Wineries, World wine news
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Top Wine Videos of 2012

Top Wine Videos of 2012


Favorite clips—from the amusing to the informative—from the past year of visits with winemakers, chefs and sommeliers


Wine is more than a beverage in a fancy glass. It’s also about the people and the places behind the bottle. Wine Spectator’s video team has a great time bringing winemakers from around the world to your computer or tablet or smartphone. We hope the conversations and insights have increased your enjoyment of wine.

We always feel a bit nostalgic at this time of the year, and we’ve been looking back at our year in videos, the people we’ve met and the topics we’ve covered. Without fail, the Top 10 Wines countdown videos are the most popular clips each year, but we always like to check out the top views in other categories. Join us as we review the best of the vintage.
Watch the top videos …

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