Wine and Cheese Pairings (article by Jim Seder and chart by Venissimo)

Posted: January 16, 2013 by wynmaker in Food, Tasting, Wine, World wine news
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A few months back, as I was ordering still another batch of cheese from Gina Freize of Venissimo to prepare for a small wine and cheese pairing event, I thought how helpful it would be have a wine and cheese pairing chart at my finger tips.  While I have a basic knowledge of fromage, it’s not at all uncommon that I seek advice from Gina or other resources.  So I turned to Gina for suggestions and expertise and she turned me one to her wine and cheese pairing “wheel,” displayed at the bottom of this post.  This schematic is a great place to start in experimenting with pairings whether you be a novice or a more advanced cheese lover.

The approach behind creating a delicious wine and cheese match is no different than pairing wine with any food.  In the end, the goal is for both to work… read on

Click to to download a PDF of the Venissimo Wine and Cheese Pairing Wheel.

Click on image to enlarge!


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