Is A Wine Aerator Worth It? Our Decanting Taste Test (by Huffpost Taste)

Posted: February 9, 2013 by Johan Botha in Tasting, Wine, World wine news
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We’ll be the first to admit it to you: although we like wine quite a bit, and have even made it one of our resolutions to drink more of it in 2013, we’re not experts by any means. So, sometimes when someone tells us we “have to decant wine,” or “really must try a wine aerator,” we get a little suspicious. We are, above all, total weirdos who like to make each other blindly taste wine and report back on what we think. Like most things we wonder about, wine aeration called for a taste test.

We stopped into our local wine and spirits store and asked one of our trusted advisors for some help. We wanted a moderately priced bottle of very drinkable wine that really benefitted from being allowed to breathe. Our wine guide helped us settle on a 2003 La Parde de Haut-Bailly, a Bordeaux blend that he recommended we decant for an hour before drinking. We tried not to tell him what other dastardly tricks we had up our sleeves for this wine taste test. $20 later, we were on our way.

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  1. Thanks for the video, it’s enlightening! Contrary to the huffington’s article, I feel like aerating wine is less and less viewed as pretentious by people; although it may still the case for a while in Europe due to the history there. In the US, however, most of my friends find it both convenient and a sign of good taste to use wine aerators or wine decanters to enhance a wine for one’s guests. What are your thoughts about that?

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