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Johan Botha

Johan Botha


The decision to study Oenology and Viticulture came not only as a life changing, but also life altering experience at an advance stage in his life.

With an empirical academic background in Anthropology, Sociology and Industrial Psychology and a natural creative artistic streak, it was at last possible to pursue a career where he could find quality of life, a sense of belonging and the ability to work with a product like no other.

To Johan, wine is a living thing with a soul of its own, one that touches the lives of so many through all of life’’s tribulations. It celebrates birth, coming of age, love, health, religion and for some, even death.

Johan’s specialties include; Wine making, Commercial Photography, Cooking and Catering, Lecturing, Social Media and management.

After filling the News Editor Seat for Wine.co.za, Johan is back in the cellar and is currently working as an assistant winemaker for Distell at Durbanville Hills Wines in Durbanville.

  1. Dear Johan,

    My PR agent released this article without obtaining my Clients permission.

    As a result Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific would like me to contact everyone who has picked it up and ask them to take it down off the web site. In particular the image of the winery.

    There are other articles about the winery approved by Moet Hennessy that do not mention the Architect, that you can easily cover to refresh the issue.

    Please help me to rescue the situation by taking off the references to MAP and Ed Billson.

    Yours sincerely
    Edward Billson

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