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Technicians assure that 50% remains unpicked. Up to now, quality and health are the premises of this crop.

As it was expected at the end of last year, the 2013 yield seemed to be higher than that of 2012. At that moment, it was too early for a forecast due to the unpredictable climate conditions. However, reaching mid-April, and in spite of rains lashing down most of the summer, technicians of Argentine wineries have anticipated that they expect around 20% more of grape. But, in some regions, this reality varies, and winemakers maintain that harvest will be the same as in 2012.

This is the case of Patricio del Chañar, Río Negro. Marcelo Miras, winemaker at Bodega Del Fin del Mundo, commented that they expect the same amount as in 2012. As regards the harvest, he pointed out: “it corresponds to a Patagonian harvest, with warm days and cool nights, enabling us to reach an excellent ripening”.

In San Patricio del Chañar, about 30% of grapes are still unpicked, and in the Upper Valley of Río Negro, 50% approximately.

In addition, Adrián Meyer, winemaker at Chandon and Terrazas de Los Andes, explained that in general, the trend shows a 15-20% increase of the crop per hectare, compared to 2012. Regarding the grape already harvested, he stressed that all white grapes and only a 15% of reds have already been picked.

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They are part of the new generation promoting worldwide the Argentine wine. They are awarded and recognized by the international press for their innovations.

These young winemakers are around 30 years old and started to make incursion into the wine world when it did well in the international markets, 7 years ago. These professionals are propelling the new style of Argentine wines. At the tip of the iceberg, Marcelo Pelleritti, Monteviejo winery’s winemaker is found, along with Alejandro Vigil of Catena Zapata, being the precursors of this generation. Then, they are followed by great winemakers such as Ignacio López (Etchart winery), Juan Pablo Michelini (Zorzal Wines), Marcos Fernández (Finca Decero), Matthieu Grassin (Alta Vista), Germán Masera (Noemia) Matías Riccitelli (Matías Riccitelli, Mr & Mr SA), and Sebastian Zuccardi (Familia Zuccardi).

All of them agree that the wine is not only for experts and they want to demystify it. They maintain that their challenge is to show the world that Argentina is not only Malbec. This group of winemakers seems to be thrilled to… read on