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My reward ...

My reward …


“It’s a way to be bad while being good.”

Sacha Scoblic, 38, author of “Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety,” summarizes the double-edged allure of drinking. It’s a legal mode of escapism, and the camaraderie over talking about drinking is as intoxicating as the buzz itself — especially among mothers.

“I need a drink!” is shorthand for “I’ve worked hard, and I’ve earned it.” And what mom wouldn’t cop to being busy?

The whine-wine culture is celebrated in books like “Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay” and websites like Moms Who Need Wine, a Boston-based group with more than a half-million members (“If you’re not sure you could survive motherhood without a stockpile of your favorite Red, then you’ve come to the right place!”) There’s a wine label called MommyJuice (“Because you deserve it”), not to be confused with Mommy’s Time Out (“Need a break? Take a Mommy’s Time Out!”)
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Wines in China.

Wines in China.


Any business with international aspirations will have China in its sights. Consumption of imported wines and spirits is increasing rapidly, particularly in relation to high end products, which are seen as reflecting power and sophistication upon their consumers, or those giving such items as present. The current opportunities for Western brands seem limitless.

However, even if you have dealt with all the bureaucracy and red tape and sorted out your importation and distribution channels with reliable local partners there can still be unforeseen problems. We have recently seen several cases where clients have found that completely unconnected Chinese third parties have registered clients’ trade marks in China, leading to the bizarre situation where any use by clients of their own trade marks in China could infringe those third party rights.

There is no doubt that China is slowly improving its protection for international brands. However in these sorts of cases it is extremely difficult for the genuine brand owner to reclaim its mark, other than through buying it off the owner of the registered mark.

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