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Global market research company Mintel recently estimated the spending power of the gay population to be between £6bn and £8bn per annum in the UK and US$464bn in the US.


With these kind of numbers in mind it is perhaps no surprise that some drinks companies have sought out the “pink pound”.

In the book Principles of Marketing, authors Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettit wrote: “Gay consumers are perceived to have a higher than average income, and almost 60% of gay men are either single or not cohabiting. Those who are cohabiting are likely to be in dual income households.” The book adds: “The lack of dependents and responsibilities gives gay consumers more opportunities for lifestyle spending with a strong focus on leisure and socialising.”

According to gay website, “if there are two things gays like to be at the forefront of it’s trends and liquor.” So, with this attitude and the knowledge that the Gay Times magazine claims that 80% of its readership comes from the ABC1 socioeconomic groups, compared with 43% of the general population, targeting the gay population should make sense for many drinks brands.

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First we had “critter” labels for wine — you know, Yellow Tail, Little Penguin, Dancing Bull, Smoking Loon. Then came what I call “dessert” labels — Cupcake, Layer Cake. Let’s not forget the “mommy” labels — MommyJuice, Mommy’s Little Helper. Now we have what I’m calling “identity” labels — Middle Sister, Bridesmaid and Skinnygirl. Do we really need a wine label to tell us who we are or how we should be?


I cringe when I see these labels. There’s the Be. label, where each varietal is labeled something different. There’s Be. Flirty, Be. Bright and so on. The line of Middle Sister wines breaks it down to Drama Queen, Goodie Two Shoes, Forever Cool and more. I’ve also seen Bridesmaid and Mad Housewife wine labels. Please, please wine gods, make it stop.

I’ve written about how I think Skinnygirl wines — a concept where a glass of wine is only 100 calories (most wines are 120-130 calories per glass, so no big savings) is not only a bad idea, but I think it really denigrates women. On top of that, most of the wine in these bottles is plonk at worst to very simple and uninteresting but easy to drink at best.

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