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A Brazilian company has designed a glass that only stands upright when it is rested on a mobile phone.

Designed by Fischer & Friends, the “Offline Glass” has part of its base cut away which means it can only stand when supported by a mobile phone.

The new chopp glass (traditional Brazilian beer serving) is meant to discourage drinkers from looking at their phones when they should be enjoying spending time with their friends.
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Moderate drinking is safe, studies find...

Moderate drinking is safe, studies find…



Children born to women who drink moderately during pregnancy are no more likely to have cognitive or behavioural problems than those of abstainers, a new study has found.


This study, reported in BJOG, An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, put together data from the Millennium Cohort Study, a national study of 10,000 infants born in the UK between 2000-2002.

The study assessed whether light drinking – defined as to two units of alcohol or the equivalent of on 175ml glass of wine per week – in pregnancy was linked to unfavourable developmental outcomes in seven-year-old children.

Researchers from University College London used information on over 10,000 seven-year-olds, looking at their social and emotional behaviour as well as their cognitive performance in maths, reading and spatial skills.

Their parents and teachers were also surveyed via questionnaires.
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Per bottle or per glass?

Per bottle or per glass?


Politicians may keep telling us the economic downturn is over and western economies are on the road to recovery, some market data actually tell us otherwise. A case in point is the latest market research by GuestMetrics in the United States. Based on its proprietary database of POS transactions of over $8 billion dollars in transactions and over 250 million bills from restaurants and bars across the United States over the past two years, it shows that on-trade consumers in the US traded down from bottles to glasses in 2012.

In fact, the shift was significant with the number of bottles ordered in restaurants and bars declining by 13 percent, while the number of wine glasses increased by 4 percent. “Given the large difference between the price, with the average bottle costing over $43 and the average glass costing $9.60, we believe this shift was driven by a consumer base that is still feeling pressure from a sluggish economic recovery, not to mention the unusually high level of uncertainty towards the end of the year with the spectre of the fiscal cliff,” commented Bill Pecoriello, CEO of GuestMetrics LLC.

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Hélicium glassware.

Hélicium glassware.

A revolutionary wine glass emerges from a year of financial struggle.

The creator of a range of award-winning, innovative wine glasses said to have an extraordinary effect on a wine’s bouquet, has finally found a financial backer – a year after the products were launched

Arnaud Baratte, for 15 years a specialist in tableware based in Palleville in the Tarn, launched a series of four glasses under the brand name Hélicium, selling 50,000 of them in specialized shops and restaurants in 12 months. But he has had financial problems.

“I almost gave up this summer, because of my debts,” says the graduate of Bordeaux’s School of Oenology, who admits to being fascinated by glassware design.

After six years of working for the multinational glass company Arc International (formerly Cristallerie d’Arques), Baratte came up with his own invention for heightening the taste of wine.

Inspired by the mechanics of wind turbines, he developed a glass with three vertical ribs, 1 to 2 millimeters deep, set around the interior of the glass. When the glass is turned, the ribs accelerate the release of the wine’s bouquet, enhancing the taste threefold, says Baratte.

The range comprises two wine glasses, a Champagne flute, and a tumbler for spirits or fruit juices, ranging in price from 18.5 to 22.5 euros ($24–$26).

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Down to one glass per day!


French wine consumption has fallen to a new low with the average adult now consuming the equivalent of barely a glass a day, the latest edition of a major consumption survey has found.


A study that will have viticulteurs weeping into their vats also revealed that fizzy drinks and fruit juices are gradually pushing wine off the nation’s tables.

Fewer than one in five French adults now drink wine almost every day as health concerns and a sluggish economy maintain a long-term pattern of sharply falling consumption, according to research carried out every five years for the ministry of agriculture.

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A groom bled to death on his wedding day after a freak accident when he tripped and fell on a beer glass.

Dumb ways to die: Groom dies after falling onto beer glass!

Dumb ways to die: Groom dies after falling onto beer glass!

Fabio Jefferson Maciel, 33, died at his beachfront wedding reception in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, hours after marrying fiancee Geise Guimaraes.
About 200 guests were present as the couple tied the knot in a church ceremony before the reception at a club near the beach.
Mr Maciel was playing with a young bridesmaid at about 2am on Monday morning when he tripped and fell.
A beer glass he had put in his trouser pocket broke and pierced his femoral vein – a major artery in the top of the leg – causing… read on

This cute little animated video about “Dumb Ways to Die” was created as a PSA from Melbourne, Australia’s Metro Trains, to help stop train-related deaths: