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Red wine is good for you!

A natural ingredient found in red wine, resveratrol, can help fight off diseases associated with age, a new study shows.
Resveratrol, found in the skin of grapes, has long been touted for its anti-ageing properties.
Researchers are studying this natural compound to help them design better anti-aging drugs.
They think it works by increasing the activity of sirtuins, a family of proteins found throughout the body, which are believed to combat diseases related to getting older, like type 2 diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s. Specifically, resveratrol increases the activity of SIRT1, which acts to make our mitochondria — the cell part that turns food into energy in our cells — more efficient, the study says.
The direct link between resveratrol and the SIRT1 protein has been made before, both by the lead author of this latest paper, Harvard genetics professor David Sinclair, and others.
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Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives, an Italian university study has suggested

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives, an Italian university study has suggested

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives, a study from the University of Florence in Italy has suggested.

A study among Tuscan women discovered that one or two glasses a day could lead to a more fulfilling life in the bedroom.

Experts from the university questioned 800 women between 18 and 50 Santa Maria Annunziata Hospital about their sexual satisfaction.

Using the Female Sexual Function Index – which is used by doctors to assess women and sexual health – it emerged that drinkers scored higher than teetotallers.
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A Cosmos of Life!



The yeasts and fungi that are common in every vineyard may have a role in the taste of wine.

Wine producers often report that parcels of fruit from the same vineyard are as different as chalk and cheese. But if the soil is the same, the climate is the same, and the winemaking is the same, what could be causing this?

There are a number of solutions to the mystery, but a new study suggests that invisible-to-the-naked-eye microbes in the vineyard could play a large part in determining the aromas of the wine in your glass.

Stellenbosch-based researchers have been examining the microbial diversity of cabernet sauvignon grapes obtained from conventional, biodynamic and integrated pest management-run (IPM) vineyards. Not only were there significant differences between these vineyards in terms of microbial life, but diversity within each vineyard was equally important.

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Bees? Yes. Scientists say honey bees have important similarities to humans; fed a diet including resveratrol, bees ate better

A recent study on the red wine compound resveratrol is generating buzz with its conclusions. According to researchers at life science centers in Arizona and Norway, the behavior of honey bees is altered when they are fed diets supplemented with resveratol.

Prior studies show some promise that resveratrol may increase lifespan and preserve animals’ cognitive functions as they age, according to co-author Gro Amdam, a food scientist at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. “In the current study, we tested whether we could promote healthy aging in the honey bee via the administration of resveratrol,” her study states.

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