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You have to tweet , when you have to tweet!



When do people use social media like Facebook or Twitterr? Nearly half (48.6 percent) do it while in the “reading room,” according to a recent online survey by, a credit card comparison website.


And almost as many — 47.6 percent — admitted to doing it while drunk.
According to the survey, those who use social media when nature calls are more likely to be checking Facebook than tweeting.
They are also less likely to do their online shopping while gazing at the screen in the toilet, the survey found.
Males are more likely to engage in both toilet tweeting and drunk posting, says CreditDonkey, perhaps because of the ubiquitous smartphone.
Other survey highlights include:
• 51.4 percent of male respondents have used social media while under the influence of alcohol versus 41.4 percent of female respondents.
• 54.0 percent of male respondents have used social media while on the toilet versus 40.4 percent of female respondents.
• 43.5 percent of all respondents use their smartphone mostly for social networking.

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Bulk wine imports more than doubled in the United States this year because of competitive pricing and changing consumer attitudes, according to a new survey from Silicon Valley Bank.
Silicon Valley Bank’s annual State of the Wine Industry survey – published yesterday – noted that bulk wine imports to the US ‘soared’ in 2012 as compared to the previous year, ‘from 13.7m cases, to 31.5m cases, and totalling over 40m cases in the past 12 months.’

According to the survey, the increase is due to higher domestic demand, better access to foreign bulk and favourable exchange rates.

In spite of a high-quality and high-volume California harvest in 2012, survey authors predict a continued increase in bulk imports this year, especially if the dollar strengthens.

Chile, Argentina and Australia were responsible for 75% of all bulk imports to the US in 2012.

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Latest ProWein survey covers five Asian markets.

A new survey commissioned by ProWein, the German trade fair company, has revealed that “in-country representation is key to success” for wine producers trying to capture Asian markets.

Research carried out for ProWein by UK-based Wine Intelligence also found that the five markets it surveyed – China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan – “differ substantially.” The study concludes that it would be a mistake for the wine industry to think of Asia as a single cultural bloc.

It does concede, however, that there are some common trends and characteristics. Across Asia, wine is shaking off its image of being a purely luxury product and becoming more attractive to young consumers, who show “a real interest in understanding it better.”

On the question of local representation, Wine Intelligence suggests that having people on the ground is imperative.

“The wine producers who achieve the biggest success will be the ones who not only get to grips with these trends, but actually take the trouble to establish a physical presence in their target markets,” says Richard Halstead, chief operating officer at Wine Intelligence.

He adds: “It’s not possible to conquer China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan from an office outside those countries.”

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