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South Africa is looking at its biggest ever harvest this year despite a late and slow start to the growing season.

According to the South African Wine Industry Information and Systems (SAWIS), the 2013 grape crop is expected to hit 1,491,432 tons, exceeding the 2012 crop by 5.4% and larger than the last biggest harvest, 2008, by over 4%.

The overall harvest therefore –including juice, concentrate and wines for brandy and distilling – will reach over 1m litres, with an average 773 litres per ton of grapes.

In terms of quality, producers “are excited about a promising crop”, with good colour, structure and flavour particularly in the reds.
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German beer consumption hit a 20 year low. But why?

German beer consumption hit a 20 year low. But why?

Following the news that beer consumption in the UK was down by 50 million pints in the first quarter of this year, comes the news that sales in Germany have slumped as well.

According to figures released by Germany’s Federal Statistical Office, in March domestic sales of beer fell by 10.9% year-on-year; exports were also down, falling by 13.3% over the same period.

Over the first quarter of this year German beer sales dropped to 19.9 million hectolitres, the lowest amount for at least 20 years. Volume dropped 4.3% to the lowest level since 1993, when the data were adjusted to exclude alcohol-free beer.

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Top five films that feature the most memorable wine scenes.

As in life, the appearance of wine in films usually means it’s time to have fun. Whether characters stomp grapes, order a special bottle to impress a date or swap a few goblets back and forth in a fateful battle of wits, wine brightens many a scene. Here are our five favorite.

1. A Walk in the Clouds (1995)
Co-written by Robert Mark Kamen, proprietor of Sonoma’s Kamen Estate Wines and filmed at multiple Napa Valley wineries, this movie is one of those misty, wine-makes-everyone-feel-good kind of films, starring Keanu Reeves at his stilted best. The film’s vinous highlight comes in a predictably sensuous grape-stomp scene, during which characters Paul Reeves and Victoria Sánchez-Gijón dutifully fall in love.

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