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Natural wine?

Natural wine?

Arguments rage over the status of natural wine.


Natural wine? Who could possibly object?

With a desire for healthy, sustainable food stimulating trends like the farm-to-table movement and Slow Food, natural wine is positioning itself as the perfect accompaniment.

But according to some experts, the unregulated use of the term “natural” is misleading gullible consumers as well as polarizing the wine trade.

“These are all things that don’t exist – natural wines, the tooth fairy and Father Christmas,” says Robert Joseph, a wine trade veteran who is one of the most prominent naysayers.

Natural wine does not exist as a legal category in the European Union, despite flourishing movements in Italy or France – the two biggest producers in the 27-nation bloc.

“At present, the compound noun ‘vin naturel’ (natural wine) has no definition on the national level,” said Aubierge Mader, a spokeswoman for France’s fraud protection agency (DGCCRF).

Yet hundreds of wines today are advertised and sold as “natural,” appealing to consumers on a variety of levels.

“I think consumers also respond favourably to the image of ‘natural’ wines as being not just more authentic, healthy or artisanal, but also… read on