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Robert Parker, the wine advocate.

Robert Parker, the wine advocate.


The world’s most influential wine reviewer relinquishes responsibilities to Asian-based team.

Robert Parker is handing over the reins of his publication The Wine Advocate to its Asia-Pacific correspondent, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW.

The world’s most powerful wine critic announced the major shake-up on his website on December 9. He will step down from his role as editor-in-chief but will continue to play a part in the revised team, he told subscribers, “bringing you the world’s best coverage of great wines, no matter what their price.”

The company’s headquarters will remain in Parker’s native Maryland in the United States but a new office will open in Singapore, where Perrotti-Brown and three new investors in their 30s and early 40s are based. The location of the new office also indicates that The Wine Advocate intends to target the burgeoning Asian markets, as well as its traditional stronghold in the U.S.
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In The New Yorker magazine years ago, the brilliant Montreal-raised American writer Adam Gopnik chided people in my line of work for a glaring failure. “Remarkably,” he wrote, “nowhere in wine writing … would a Martian learn that the first reason people drink wine is to get drunk.” It was, I think, an exaggeration. I know people who enthuse about wine but rarely court alcohol’s buzz. Some are readers of this column who have declared that they always stop after a glass or two.


But I take his point. We scribes give wide berth to the subject of alcohol. We’re pompous sophisticates – or at least we feel compelled to cultivate that image to advance our credibility (shame on us). Inebriation is for the vodka-cooler crowd, not for connoisseurs who “understand” Volnay. And what columnist wants to remind the world about the social costs of alcohol abuse? Wine columns are supposed to be about hedonism.

There is hedonism in today’s tasting notes, and I don’t want to end on a downer. But it struck me at a recent tasting – what with the holidays approaching – that the alcohol-by-volume spread from one wine to another can be jarring. One terrific white from Germany, Dr. Pauly, weighed in at 8 per cent, while Darioush Duel 2007 from Napa (which I didn’t love) tipped the scale at 16.4. You can drink six glasses of the former and be no less fit to drive than someone consuming three of the latter.

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A few days ago I read my obituary in the drinks business. It wasn’t just me that had expired, but the small sub-species I belong to


The Wine Writer is Dead”  declared the headline above a report on Andrew Jefford’s comments to the European Wine Bloggers conference in Izmir, Turkey. I checked my pulse and felt a faint throb, but there it was in black and white: ‘the creature we used to call a wine writer has died.”

If I am still around it may be because I write about other drinks like whisky, rum, beer and Tequila besides wine. Yet according to Jefford that is even worse. “Can anyone hope to be a generalist any more in a wine world which, like the universe, is expanding rapidly in every direction?”

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